Congratulations, you’ve made it to the page on my blog where I’m allowed to be most naturally narcissistic. For all of those who are unaware, I am Nate and this is my blog. I’m a Politics student at the University of Sussex, which of course explains why I’m so relentlessly dull and without interests other than politics itself. In seriousness though, I enjoy the outdoors, sitting on my xbox for hours, eating all of the food I can manage, and seeing new places. Most of all though, I like to write. Be it about politics or short stories that I write to entertain just myself.

For me, this blog is a release. It lets me get out any and all anger from all of the irritating politicking that’s being done in the present day. It’s a channel for me to talk about the things that I care about. It’s also a place where I can talk about myself, and not feel too worried about seeming slightly self-obsessed. For anybody reading this, I hope you enjoy what I write – even if you disagree with it. There’s nothing more entertaining and thrilling than an adult, friendly debate.

Although the updates to this blog will be… sporadic at best, when I do post, my aim is to make it as honest as possible. Now all you have to do, is sit back, relax, and enjoy me angering many people with a short paragraph or two.