Young Liberals Election 2017

Over the past two years, I’ve served as your Events Officer. Trying my absolute best to boost the quality of the conferences that we hold, the training we offer, and the socials we all love to enjoy. Even if I do say so myself, I think I’ve done a good job. At Brighton Conference in 2016, we had over 100 people attend our wine reception with Ed Davey, Tessa Munt, Lynne Featherstone, to name a few. During Winter Conference 2017 we had a big turnout increase, nearly 40% more people attending compared to the last year. In York, as inebriated and stressy as I was, we had very successful training events, and I organised sessions at a conference where we received a lot of praise from the wider party. Activate 2017 was always going to be a challenge to organise, but it looks like we’re going to pull it off. I suppose these achievements are why some people are asking me if I am running for re-election.

This time though, after good work done complete in the Events Office, I will be running for Chair of Young Liberals. I’m doing this because I believe that my priorities for Young Liberals will help make the organisation stronger and more effective. I think that with renewed efforts on engagement and expansion, we can really start to show the benefits of our party, and the benefits of our organisation. I want to begin to really focus on the policies that will help out young people; let’s fight for our own, first and foremost. I want to be able to work closely with Lib Dem HQ, making sure that we have the resources that we need to operate as a strong and capable campaigning force, a force that the party needs. We can also start to drive our external exposure upwards, by preparing a national youth campaign, and redoubling our efforts to get noticed in the press and online, with petitions, press releases, and an increased push on social media. I believe that these priorities, along with my two years experience working on the executive and within the party put me in a uniquely strong position to become the next Chair of this fantastic organisation.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions or queries you have about my campaign, or my ideas. I wish everyone else running in the election the best of luck!

– Nate